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Below are links to photos from Bruce Hurley and Mary Ellen Becker's Keys trip and Craig and Ali's Fabulous Wedding (by far the best wedding I've ever attended--and I've been best man four times!)

If you want to save any photos, you can right click on any of the large photos, choose copy, and paste them into any image program (I use the very popular Irfanview, which you can download free by clicking here).

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The photo quality is good, but If you want a higher-quality image for printing (300k to 800k each), email me and I'll send it to you.

The sites below involve frames. If you have a problem viewing them, click here for a boring, but identical list of photos from Craig and Ali's wedding or here for the other Keys photos.

If you want Hector the mojito maker (at top) for a t-shirt transfer (you may have seen Ali's Mojito shirt on Saturday), email me.

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Craig and Ali's Fabulous Wedding Photos (65 total)

Bruce and Mary Ellen's Pre-Weekend Keys Photos (24 total)


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